The Uncommon Cut

Monthly Meat Club

The Uncommon Cut is a monthly meat subscription that honors the lesser known cuts and preparations of meat. Building on our ethical and sustainably-raised meat philosophies, we’re hoping this club will open you to the possibility of true nose-to-tail dining by introducing you to healthy and delicious uncommon cuts.

Each month, subscribers will receive 4 portions of “off menu” meats ranging from uncommon cuts, like a marinated bavette with umami butter and unique preparations like a rolled pork “secretto” chop with pancetta, caul fat & gremolata.  Each season will feature meats and cooking methods matched to the season. Think braising or the un-turkey meal in the Fall.

The Uncommon Cut subscription is an ideal gift for Father’s Day or anyone gearing up to grill this summer.

How it works

  1. Purchase a 3-month membership for $99 in-store or at the link below.  Here, you can notify us of any dietary restrictions or modify the number of portions you are ordering.

  2. Pick up your Uncommon Cut package at our location inside Vincenzo’s. Each package contains 4 portions of the selected meat and a recipe card that includes background about the cut, cooking instructions, suggested sides, and where the meat was sourced.

  3. Enjoy!

After the initial 3 months, you’ll have the option to renew for an additional:

3 months for $99

6 months for $175

12 months for $339

Available for purchase in-store or online:

Monthly Meat Club Subscription
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