Our products

All of our meats are sourced from small local producers who really care about producing a top quality product through the ethical treatment of the animals. We deal with whole animals too, so if you’re looking for an obscure cut or something custom, we can do that!



We carry both 100% Grass Fed and Grain Fed beef that is Raised without Antibiotics (RWA). We work with numerous partners to give us access to wide range of cuts on a regular basis. Here are a few:

  • Esker Trail Farm, Drumbo, ON

    100% Grass Fed beef raised by the Schaap family. They’re primarily Galloway as well as Galloway x Angus cross.

  • Blackview Farm, Listowel, ON

    100% Grass Fed. Primarily an Angus herd with some Irish Black, Hereford and Wagyu

  • Penokean Hills, Bruce Mines, ON

    A group of 5 family farms in Algoma, a predominantly Angus (red & black) herd raised on pasture and finished for 3-4 months on their award winning, locally grown, Pea & Barley feed.

  • Artisan Farms, Grey-Bruce, ON

    Representing a group of producers in Grey County who produce some outstanding beef both humanely and sustainably. Include registered Black Angus and Wagyu.



Our pork products start with whole pigs. We butcher them carefully making sure to use as much of the animal as possible. Our farmers include:

  • Linton Pasture Pork, Walton, ON

    Jeff Linton is the brain behind LPP. His pigs live on pastures year round with free access to shelter and water where they’re free to roam and forage. To supplement the forage, they’re fed Jeff’s own custom ration which he grows and mixes himself. He’s commited to producing pork that is both humane and environmentally sustainable.

  • Ayreside Galloways, Ayr, ON

    I know, Galloway’s are cattle! Well the Knight’s also raise some fantastic Berkshire x Tamworth pork on their farm and the Willibald Distillery property in Ayr.



Free range, certified Organic, pasture raised…. We’ve got it all. We carry a wide range of birds including duck, pheasant and quail. Chances are if they have feathers we can get them. Our chickens are raised with lot’s of space, fresh air and activity outside. Here are a few of our main farmers::

  • Fenwood Farm, Ancaster & Puslinch, ON

    The Fennema family has been raising free range chicken for over 30 years on their farm in Ancaster, along with their son they also operate Spencer Creek Farm in Puslinch.

  • Chassagne Farm, Puslinch, ON

    Carol Precious raises some truly amazing birds on her mixed use farm. She supplies us with Cornish Hen, Quail, Pheasant, Partridge and Chickens. Her birds are grain fed and also get a healthy dose grasses, vegetables, herbs and wildflowers.

  • 5 Chicks and a Farmer, New Hamburg, ON

    The Moylans are our main supplier for fully pasture fed Chickens and Turkey. The birds live outdoors in movable “huts” so that they get fresh grass and insects everyday and stay protected from predators.



Our lamb comes from both Buschbeck Farm (Markdale, ON) which is raised on pasture and grass fed. As well Beverly Creek (Millgrove, ON) which graze on pasture as well as being supplemented with grain, silage (fermented grasses) and brewers grains. Both are raised without the use of antibiotics.

Sausages, etc.

We’re really proud of our sausages. We make them all by hand, from scratch. We see them as the perfect canvas and are constantly brainstorming new ideas and tweaking old ones. Over the years we’ve created over 80 different flavours and we rotate them regularly… Here are a few of our staples…

  • Italian, mild and hot (fennel, wine, sage, chili flakes)

  • Chorizo (Smoked Paprika, Ancho, wine and garlic)

  • Tandori Chicken (Tandor spice, yogurt, cilantro, onion)

  • Cider and Sage (Dry cider, sage, mulling spice)

  • Basque (Espelette pepper, cumin, smoked paprika)

  • Beef, Bacon and Cheddar (a.k.a the Bacon Cheesburger)


Our customers love our burgers, we’ve been told they’re some the best! Here’s the secret though, they only contain 3 ingredients. Great quality beef that is trimmed, blended and ground the way we like it, kosher salt and pepper. That’s it, no fuss no muss. Just a good product speaking for itself. Our “Ground Chuck” burger is the staple (in both grass fed and grain fed) but we also make small batches of 100% Wagyu burgers, Dry aged rib burgers, Beef & Bacon (where we grind bacon right into the mix) or our Butchers blend (brisket, rib, and sirloin).



We frequently get fresh, whole game in, including Venison and Elk (seasonal, usually September to January) when it’s available locally. Our friend Neil (Ontario Harvest Farms, Rockwod, ON) raises a lot of it. We also carry Bison from time to time. When it comes to game, it’s best to check with us but we can always get our hands on it with some notice.